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Angela Melton of Empowering Energy Medicine is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner who empowers people by helping them to heal themselves in a natural, holistic and non-invasive manner. She uses ancient healing techniques and essential oils to help balance your body's energies for a goal of optimal mind and body function. Her philosophy is not to treat just the symptoms but to help you find and address the root cause of your issues through her own work as well as teaching and empowering you to heal yourself. Angela provides both individual sessions and group classes.

Here are some common health issues we can be effective with, to name just a few:

    Allergies Graves Disease
    Arthritis Hormonal Balance (ex: Menopause/menstrual)
    Auto Immune Diseases Immune Support
    Bladder Problems Injuries
    Cancer Memory / Focus Disorders
    Cardiovascular Problems Nervous Disorders
    Chronic Fatigue Osteoporosis
    Depression Pain Management
    Diabetes Rapid Recovery from Surgery
    Digestive Support and Repair Respiratory System Conditions
    Emotional and Mental Trauma Seizures
    Emphysema / Asthma Sleep Disorders (ex: Insomnia)
    Fibroids Stress and Anxiety
    Genetic Disorders Weight Loss

And so much more!

Angela performing energy work on a client

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